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EMO HOMES is looking for property for rent in Avsallar and areas of Alanya as the rental market is booming and we are always in need of more rental properties – specially residence apartments with luxury facilities on site and luxury villas.

Every year the demand for apartments and villas for rent is growing and owners who rent out their property in Avsallar and Alanya make good money out of it. Most of them are renewing their furniture very often with the profit they made, pay their monthly maintenance fees or keep their household electronics updated.

However, renting out a summer home may be trouble if you are not doing it carefully. First thing first, Turkish government requires you to do it officially as rentors must be checked first. This is why you should work with professionals real estate agents who will complete the all procedures for renting out your apartment or villa on your behalf.

Working with EMO HOMES to rent out your property will bring you many advantages such as; your property security, before and after condition check of your property (Damages given by rentor etc.) and transfering the profit to you while you are away.
If you are looking for a good real estate agency to rent your apartment or villa, EMO HOMES is here ready to help you.

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